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MIDIBox, a multi-standard MIDI hub




MIDIBox is a multi standard MIDI hub based on the Teensy microcontroller platform. It support different MIDI hardware type such as standard MIDI DIN, class compliant USB MIDI device and midi over RS-232 serial, in order to be able to use midi also in older x86 PC (like 286/386/486) where a MIDI card can be difficult to find.

It works without a computer (requires USB power) and each MIDI I/O is routed to all of the hardware ports.


The pot expansion allows the MIDIBox to become a 16 channel pot controller with an assignable MIDI channel and CC number.

The complete MIDIbox assembly

Mode of operations

The MIDIBox incorporates other functions like:

Pot multiplexer

The firmware is on this Gitlab page.