This is the KLANGBAUM!

Rendered on 2022-10-16, Prickle-Prickle, the 70th day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3188



This digital niche has the sole purpose of collecting in one place everything that I produce or that I want to store in a single container where I know it will not be lost.

I do not update this space with a specific cadence, but rather when I find something interesting and I've the time to write about it. In other words, I will publish anything I want and when I want to :)


Ideally, the web site must be easy to use, and it must be easy to add content to it.

The website must be correctly rendered also with text-based browsers like Lynx, W3M, and such.

The website must have the lowest possible impact in terms of resources consumed to present it or to store it. Low profile, low footprint.

The website must be viewable off-line (except for any embedded multimedia content).

The pages must be static (i.e. not dynamically generated).



The static pages of this web site are generated from a directory and file tree parsed by a custom hierarchical web site builder written in Python, Drasil.